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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  March 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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all those stories in just a moment. but first, late breaking news out of dc. playing out of real life just steps from mayor adrian fenty's home. >> a housekeeper found that baby with something around her neck inside the house of the 4700 block of 17th street northwest. that's the street where mayor fenty lives. the house speaker ran to the security detail parked outside the mayor's house. they called the paramedics. we'll have an update on that as soon as we know more. >> we doe know more about the runaway prius that raced down a
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california freeway this week. >> the 911 tapes have been released. and we have the update on what toyota drivers need to know. >> reporter: this is a 2008 prius that roared out of control as driver jim sikes called 911. >> my car can't slow down. >> you can't slow it down? >> is your accelerator stuck? >> yeah, yeah. i have tried to pull it back. >> reporter: police pulled alongside, urging him to put his foot on the brake pedal and pull the emergency brake. and that eventually stopped the car as the patrol car pulled it in front. the off and on button looks like this. pushing it could cause trouble. >> you're going to lose your power steering. when you lose that, you might turn the wheel a different way and it is going to lock the wheel. for and you won't be able to go straight anymore. >> reporter: the better way is to put the car in neutral and apply the brakes firmly.
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runaway prius is just the latest in the scary toyota headlines, 52 fatalities and 38 injuries involving unintended acceleration in toyotas since 2000. >> at a toyota showroom on tuesday evening, we couldn't by definition talk to those who stayed away from the fears. but the customers who were here, those fears seemed easily overcome. >> i have had my prius for four years and have not had any problems with it. i love it. >> reporter: he bought three toyotas for his family this week. >> i really like the car. and i will buy it again if i had to. >> reporter: and they have heard the stories, but has had bad luck with traditional american brands and wants a camry. >> i have no concerns. >> reporter: and they say that despite the headlines, toyota sales are up nearly 13% over this time last year. 9news now. >> the department of transportation is sending two inspectors to california to examine that runaway prius and determine exactly what caused the problems. new at 11, the dc
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detectives, accused of unholsterring his gun could face a suspension. witnesses say that detectives drew his gun while offduty after somebody threw snowballs at his private car back in december. and detective now faces a possible ten day suspension for that incident. and the bailiff plans to appeal. also new at 11. a total 180 from the former new york congressman on the allegations that he groped the staffers. during tonight's area, they denied touching the staff workers. in an earlier interview, they did touch one male staff groper. and it happened at his 50th birthday party. he said he was surprised to learn that his former deputy chief of staff had taken allegations of improper conduct to the house epics committee. he resined his house seat this week, but given different reasons for doing so. from health worries to charges that follow -- that fellow democrats pushed them out. tonight, more than a dozen same-sex couples are
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celebrating their big day. >> i now proclaim you to be partners for life. l >> and those couples lined up outside the courthouse in northwest dc to officially tie the knot. some of them waited for more than four hours to get hitched. about 150 couples were eligible to pick up their marriage licenses today after applying for them last week. they were among the happy couples. >> you want to focus on the differences between our families. but our families are as normal as any other family. going home, try to have dinner together. getting them home by bed. >> both men are executives and they have been the domestic partners for five years. they are already fathers to adopt the twin brothers. and they join five states that now offer the legalized marriages for the same-sex couples. an update on the deadly stabbing it had dc. police, have released the name of the woman found this morning in the 3500 block of 14th street northwest. officers found the bodies of
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the 24-year-old. and they say she lived in the 3100 lock of 16th street northwest. no arrests so far. if you have any information in this case, police want you to call them. the death of the child is bringing life concerns and how the ambulance crews deal with the pediatrics patients. in a letter to the editor of the washington post, the senior vp at children's national medical center wrote, "the decision not to immediately transport a 2-year-old with respiratory symptoms is inexcusable." last month, the 2-year-old stephanie stevens died after suffering some breathing problems. an ambulance came to her house but did not transport her. a second crew came back nine hours earlier and took her to the hospital where she died the next day. a spokesman for the dc and the fire ems says that they have made significant progress in many areas involving emergency response. a guilty plea from the man who lead david letterman to fess up to having affairs. he admitted in court today that
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he tried to blackmail letterman. prosecutors said that he demanded $2 million by threatening to expose his office relationships. instead, letterman went to the cops and under a plea deal, he gets six months in prison. more headlines from around the nation tonight. they have gone public with terrorism charges against the woman who allegedly called herself gihad jane. prosecutors say that the pennsylvania woman use ad the internets to recruit -- used the internet to recruit men and women to their cause. a second police officer now faces charges of the cover-up. accused of trying to cover up a shooting in which police killed the two unarmed civilians and wounded four others. the group was trying to cross the bridge looking for food in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. the first officer pleaded guilty to conspiracy. a public apology from the guy who breached security at
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newark airport. it all went down last january. a grad student said he slipped under a security rope to give his girlfriend one last good- bye. today, he pleaded guilty. the judge gave him a small fine and community service. a new business trend in our area appears to be going viral. local entrepreneurs are embracing the social media like facebook and twitter to attract the customers and try out new products. >> reporter: a bethesda ice cream shop is digging into the media. they lure customers with special deals and even some free cones. >> this is instant and feoffment >> reporter: even the self- described computer dinosaur was inspired by his son's online networking. >> and i took a look at his facebook page with 700 to 800 friends. and i said, you know, i looked at it and said why not? >> 88 cents is your change. >> reporter: even on the tuesday evening, customers
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stand patiently in line for cupcakes. using facebook and twitter to share their secret flavor of the day. every day. they offer a free cupcake. and will we have grown our fan base. over 16,000 on facebook and 4,000 followers on twitter. i think that people, they are just so excited about it. telling their friends to follow us. and they are telling your friends. kind of spreading the word. >> reporter: while it is great for businesses, great for consumers too. >> i know that a lot of the stores and the businesses, they have the facebook pages like toys "r" us or babies r us. if you become a fan, you can get discounts. >> we're on a budget. so that helps us out. you know, all the different sales or the coupons. every little bit helps. >> reporter: in fact, the savvy consumers are finding bargains and free bees are only a -- freebies are only a new click away. by offering their best prices to consumers who follow them on twitter. several business owners tell us
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that they have all but abandoned the print advertising. saying that they offer only a glance while the social media directly engages in the customers and provide them with a place to give their feedback on a product. anita? >> we can see why it works, thank you. sleep over sex. why more and more people would rather catch some z's than make love. plus, you come to the rodeo and expect everything to happen inside. this was happening outside. >> caught on tape, screams and panic at a rodeo after the bull breaks loose. plus, the store turns into the set of the jerry springer show after bridezilla goes on the attack. we'll talk about it. >> not as cold tonight. clouds keeping temperatures out a little bit. and we're looking at temperatures, 8 to almost 120 degrees higher than they were -- 10 degrees higher than this morning. they will keep it dry. winds light out of the southeast at 10. we'll come back and stay dry for the rest of the day. looking ahead for the rest of the week. check this video out.
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this is incredible. look at the tornado video out of oklahoma. we'll come back and tell you how strong the tornado was and how much damage they caused. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car, what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial.
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♪ big business about to spend
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big bucks. a coalition that includes the u.s. chambers of commerce says starting tomorrow, they will spend $10 million over the next 10 days. attacking president obama's reform plan. they are making their voices heard as well demonstrating downtown dc. they even tried to get into the ritz carlton hotel. >> that is an insurance company where they have done enough to try to stop reform from happening. we're going down there to try to put an end to it now. >> police tried to keep them from entering the hotel. 25.5 -- $25.5 million is how much last month's deadly train crash will cost metro. the national transportation asked them to break down the damages during last month's hearing. the agency says that the four rail cars that were destroyed costed $12 million. another $13 million went to damage them up in overtime.
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changes on the way for the traffic violators in maryland. right now, they are considering changing the law to make the automatic court dates optional. in other words, the violators would not have a day in court unless they asked for it. last year, more than 340,000 people were no shows for their traffic trials. police all over maryland are complaining it's a waste of your money and their time. with frederick city police, they agree. >> so they have left their patrol beat and they are having to come to court taking away from reacting to calls, serving the citizens and dealing with the court system. >> it zest mated to change. to save them -- it is estimated to change and to save them in police overtime. caught on tape in michigan. flying inside the bridal shop. now, the police say that a real
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life bridezilla instigated the chaos. she was upset over her wedding gown. asked them to make alterations and was refused. that's when one of the men with the bride f-to-be -- bride-to- be sparked the brawl. cameras were rolling when a bull broke free during the radio. that just made the annual hangier -- made the animalling hangier. they are going over the safety procedures to make sure that no other animals get loose. in mexico, dozens risk injuries to celebrate the animal week long pyre tech nicks fair. look how close they are. people line the streets as a series of fireworks go off. people pulled through the streets. a part of the celebrations to pay tribute to the saints of the fireworks. >> yeah, you will poke your eye out. okay. the critics like to say that they are obsessed with
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sex. but a new study says we are way too tired for that. and that determines all of those things. >> reporter: the findings do not surprise the medical director at the center for sleep and wake disorders. she says you may think that you do fine with just five hours a night, but you'ring wrong. >> we are very powerful as human beings. we can get by on less sleep. but we're not necessarily going to be feel good. >> or feeling like doing the wild thing. but then again, you knew that. >> given how busy our society is and to keep people. lots of people don't find time to eat. much less get sex. >> yeah, just want to go to sleep, get some rest. and like relax.
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no time for really getting down, i guess. >> you have to make a choice. and some people, they prefer the good sleep. it's not going to happen to me. >> reporter: because if one in four are too tired, perhaps the other three are persevering. >> i'm sorry now, but that's not going to stop me. >> that will be 20. >> the sleep foundation surveyed a thousand people between the ages of 35 to 60. measuring different sleep habits among the ethnic groups. but that is on fatigue and the same for everybody. an all new late show is on right after 9news now. according to a new poll, they believe that the state government is corrupt. >> yeah, we are back. >> yeah. >> and from the good wife, will be on tonight with musical guests and broken bells. all right, now, it is only early march. but i have incredible video to show you.
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>> okay. >> okay. >> take a look at this. this is occurring west of oklahoma city and i-40. a place called hammond. we showed you that live at 7:00. the real life funnel cloud that took away five homes, destroyed some barns. no injuries. they took down pow rlines. look at the debris. that's what caused injuries. you take an ordinary object and you hurl it at 100 miles an hour and it's deadly. thinking the winds are going 200 miles an hour. >> is that early in the year? >> yeah, a little early. good question. the peek out there would be may and june. for tornadoes. so mid march is early. i hope everybody woke up and saw that. okay. >> yeah. >> and let's do the next three days, shall we? we're looking at some showers that are possible tomorrow. but i'll tell you what, you may come out tomorrow as day. it will be warm. bumping up the temperatures a little bit. still mild on thursday. a better chance for showers. then by the chance for thursday night and friday, we're going to have plenty of showers.
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temperatures going back up into thes on friday. as i look at more information, just in the weather office. a little more concerned about flooding as we get into friday and saturday. especially in the highlands where they still have ten inches of snow. >> the high clouds tonight. not as cold. and the low temperatures, 38 to 46. the winds are northwesterly at about 10. and so not nearly as chilly as they were this morning. now, we do get into tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy and cool. could see a shower. but just to be too far in between. 40s and 50s. they will be here at 4:25. by the afternoon, we're looking at variable clouds. meaning periods of sun and the clouds. and they will be warm. slight chance of the showers. i highs are in the 60s, 65. the full 10 degrees above average and winds are easterly at about 10. satellite picture radar combined. this is the storm, producing some big thunderstorms in alabama. and we could see the severe weather tomorrow from this out in alabama and arkansas. and that same system is throwing the high clouds our way now. so it is kind of already affecting our weather. it's going to be with us for the rest of the week through
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the weekend. and even into next week. the systems will move very, very slowly. all right, their zone forecast. all six zones on our website on near 60s in winchester. 58 at hagerstown. 62 at leesburg. the slight chance of the shower. and still in the 50s at comberland and oakland -- cumberland and oakland. from hagerstown west, we're getting more and more concerned from flooding into friday and saturday. we'll keep you posted. we'll jump the river. low to mid-60s. clarksburg, frederick, all those 60s. almost 60s on the bay. no winds tomorrow. no advisories. and already in the mid-60s by tomorrow afternoon. all in all, a pretty nice day. just a slight chance of the shower, but not a washout. that's coming. the next seven days. 64 tomorrow. 60 on thursday. better chance of showers. rain and showers on thursday night into friday. we're back in the upper 50s. saturday, showers rain, maybe a
11:20 pm
thunderstorm. mid-50s. more of the same on sunday. and then showers lingering into monday and tuesday of next week. highs on tuesday, only about 50. and a reminder that our spring forward there, we have 47 hours long. more sleeping going on this weekend evidently. turn your clocks ahead one hour, please. >> he's loving it. >> yeah. >> what are you talking about? >> yes. >> thank you. so we have a wizard. what are we starting with tonight? >> we'll start with the wizards. can we just be positive for a second? >> the man? >> yes. he is just fantastic. trying to take on the positive. but they are at it again, trying to just snap a skid. while the spring training record is nothing to brag about. that debut performance in the hot picks. worst lighting for them. plus, the athletes keep oncoming. all those stories coming up.
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the nats thinking with taking things slow. letting them get out there before bringing them up to the big leagues. if today's performance is any indication that it might be the rest of the pitching staff that needs to catch up to the
11:25 pm
rookie. it's the tigers and they did not disappoint. retiring the order and the first pitching of the two scoreless innings. striking up just to give up two hits. as for the rest of the game, top of the fifth. they are down two. they lose 9-4. and they just win the spring training game. who cares. that is a great win. >> i was really excited to come out there to pitch and you know, to get this thing rolling. and just want to go out there to get my feet wet. you know, it's a different breed. and you know, there's a lot of anticipation around for the debut. so i just wanted to go out there to have fun. >> reporter: across the state, and say soda, taking on the rays. the top of the first, rays getting on the board early. the double off the wall and that would score rodriguez, 8-3. fans are trying to do the same.
11:26 pm
it's not all that appealing. a little more for tonight's game. that's a new season low at the verizon center. and those who do show, watching them snap the four-game skid, hosting the rockets. the third quarters, they are up 12. the steal and the hoops there to kevin martin. and that's 21 points for him. later on in the third, wizards, they are trying to fight back down. from the wing cuts down to the 8. and the rockets, drawing down the stretch for them and with the three from the corner slots. and they win 96-88. they have lost 6 out of their last 7 at the have vieson center -- verizon center this year. with the oscars on sunday, instead, they continue today at college park, where one star and a guy who directed his career, received a much- deserved honor. named the acc player of the year. the first one to take that honor since juan dictionson -- dixon, since they got just 12. for the second time in his
11:27 pm
maryland career, gary williams is the acc coach of the year. the last time he won it was in 2002, the national championship season. the greatest, putting it all into perspective. >> i wanted to win something special. another acc player of the year. i'll tell you, that's what i wanted to win, the acc regular season. and i wanted to win the acc tournament. and maybe go to the final four. and i know that it will be hard. it will be tough. >> the acc tournament for the perks are starting on friday. meanwhile, the men knocked from the first round of the tournament with the 10-2 loss. colonial finishing the 16 year 16-14. big east women's championship tonight. west virginia and yukon, second half, huskies already at 10, adding to it, by missing out there, tiffany hayes, the putback for them and the memory at west virginia, 60-32. yukon, they have won 70-3. >> wow. >> it's a little bit of the run there. >> yeah. just a little bit. we'll be right back.
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are you ready? >> yeah. >> the 7-day forecast. i think we'll get it to drop. >> the mid-60s. a better chance around 60. then here comes some rain and showers on friday and sunday. and beginning to have a little more with the flooding on friday and saturday in the metro area, especially in the potomac islands and the mountains. >> good warning. that's 9news now. letterman next. >> and we want to keep television tuned right here on for the areas and the only morning news. good thing you're starting here. we compare your progressive direct rate to other top companies', so you can save money! look! we saved a lot! and quick, too. and no more holding her purse! it's a european shoulder bag. it was a gift. mm-hmm. shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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